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Toggleable Fakes for better integration testing

During the development of iOS Project Monitor, I ran into the need to test against a few third party services. Engineyard's Andy Delcambre gave a great talk on how to use test matrices and fake services to write one test that hits both your fake and the service.

A better error handling future for iOS with Swift

Pattern matching is a fantastic mechanism prevalent in functional programming languages, and Swift has it! Below, we'll find out how to use it to encapsulate errors in asynchronous code.

Comparing Golang, Scala, Elixir and Ruby for ETL

How do the following languages stack up when running an extract, transform, and load (ETL) against ~40M tweets? Read on to find out more.

Elasticsearch behind NGINX on AWS

Hosting on Heroku or any other multi-tenant PaaS means you're sharing IP security with other people. Now your web services require at least basic auth when interacting with services like MySQL and Elasticsearch. We will run Elasticsearch behind nginx, which will enforce a username/pw for basic auth.

Monitoring CI from your iPhone

Ever want to receive a push notification when a commit fails CI? Well, do I have news for you.

NYC Building Perimeters

I love NYC and WebGL. So I married the two by rendering NYC building perimeters with ThreeJS using NYC Open Data.

NYC Neighborhood Term Frequency

Which New York neighborhoods care the most about startups? Aggregating across ~50M tweets with Elasticsearch looking for the term startups gave me an answer.

Tweets as Pixels in NYC

What do you get when you brighten a pixel every time you get a tweet's location? That's what Miguel Rios asked in his post The Geography of Tweets.

Intro to ThreeJS... using ThreeJS

I'm a big believer in learning by doing. So when I set out to learn ThreeJS, I did it by making this sweet slide deck. Click through to check out details.